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Lynda O’Mara


Lynda O’Mara
WSI Digital Marketing Consultant

Are you looking for someone who is creative, trustworthy, gets things done one time, is readily available for advice, easy to work with, gets outstanding results on SEO, is thorough and offers suggestions beyond what you request? Than call Lynda O’Mara!

My primary focus is helping small and medium sized businesses to improve profitability and meet their Internet goals through the use of sound Internet marketing strategies including:

  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click
  • Developing Online Credibility
  • Improving Customer Communication
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design

It’s important to me to understand each client’s goals and expectations so that I can help them make informed decisions regarding their online presence. The experience I’ve gained as a business owner since 2001 as well as my corporate America experience in marketing communications, software training, technical writing, systems analysis, web and graphic design can help you enhance the message and mission of your business with a professional, custom-tailored solution for your digital presence and promotional materials


“I have had the pleasure and great fortune to have found Lynda when I was looking for someone to design and host my website. Lynda is one of those amazing individuals who knows her service inside and out; who spends QUALITY time with her clients helping them in every way possible; and who is ALWAYS there to help, no matter what. She has wonderful ideas and always seems to know what you need (even if you don’t, at the time!). I know that if I have questions, want to expand something, or need ideas to try something different, Lynda is there for me! She’s super talented in that she can do graphic design work, create websites and knows the IT technology inside and out. I highly recommend Lynda if you are looking for a genuinely talented and amazing person to work with to promote your business and be there for you through the entire process and beyond.” ~ Tanya Lelo, River of Oppotunities


I found Lynda O’Mara by viewing a local organization whose site was good looking and functional. Lynda is a pleasure to work with and suggests solutions for all service and website issues. Her presentation of options with various trade-offs is great for strategic planning. She is budget mindful yet creates a professional, flexible and easy-to-navigate website that will grow when we need it to grow. Lynda’s concept of customer service includes quick response, action and attention. ~ Connie McWilliams, Colorado Health Care Training & Consulting


“I hired Lynda to perform the search engine optimization for my business website. She took a lot of time to go over details like keyword determinations to make sure that she understood my business and that I would be getting the most bang for my buck.

“The results have been outstanding! I often have clients tell me that they found me at the top of the first page (organic search) on google. I can’t thank Lynda and her team enough for what they have done to increase my number of clients! The difference in business volume before and after Lynda’s service is clear. I no longer need to struggle to determine which marketing tool is best. I have it–Lynda O’Mara and her team of SEO specialists!

“To top it off, I receive an SEO report each month with my ranking and a personal note from Lynda asking if I have any questions or concerns.

“I highly recommend Lynda for your SEO needs. Thank you Lynda” ~ Lori Lowery, ComforVet Mobile Veterinary House Call Service


“I hired Lynda to redesign my web site. I was very pleased with the results. Lynda is very creative, trustworthy and gets the work done in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her for anyone seeking out a web designer. She is always readily available for any advise for internet marketing and web design.” ~ Mona Borden, Mona’s Dermatherapy


“Lynda has developed great support graphics for our business over the years from debit card design (2001 starting), marketing brochures, store banners, and the PowerCheque branding on debit cards (2003) that is still alive and well now display on cards (Visa and MasterCard) in the US and Internationally. We never needed to go anywhere else.”  ~ Wyant McAvoy, President and Director of My World Corp






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